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 +To build your own image to be flashed, we made a Rakefile (ruby Makefile).
 +What it does, how it works:
 +  * decompresses original firmware images (you have to provide them in the **images** folder. you can get them using [[firmware-dl]])
 +  * copy the content from **install** to the corresponding image folder
 +  * apply patch from **install** folder
 +  * compress the new images
 +  * sign the images (you must provide **key/private_key.pem** and **key/public_key.pem**)
 +  * encrypt the images (using **keys/iv.txt** and **keys/key.txt**)
 +  * create the firmware list (based on **customisation+recovery.ini** you have to provide)
 +  * the recovery rootfs and customisation+recovery.ini are installed in **web/factory**
 +  * the new firmware images are stored in **web/store**
 +  * a new folder (name based on the SCF version) is created for the [[webupdate]] procedure
 +use //rake clean// to have clean environment before calling //rake// (//rake clobber// to remove everything)
 +tool: {{:firmware-make.tar.bz2|firmware-make}}
 +Look at the Rakefile or send us a mail for more information.
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