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 +The GAN proxy shows the traffic between MS and GANC.
 +It can be used by the [[tools|gangun]] to perform the demonstrated attacks.
 +important information:
 +  * you have to change the address of the GANC on the femto to point to the GAN proxy.
 +  * the incoming connections (femto/phone) are on TCP port 14001 (const in the script)
 +  * the GAN proxy will connect to the GANC on (const in the script). this address is within the operator network. we used tsocks with SSH to tunnel the traffic thought the femto.
 +  * the client (gangun) connects on port 14002
 +tool: {{:ganproxy.rb.tar.bz2|ganproxy}}
 +read the script to know how it works or can be used to handle the attack client (extended GAN protocol used)
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