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 +To be able to flash your [[firmware-make|own images]] using the [[recovery]] procedure, you will need to set up a server faking the original OAM server.
 +For this you need to install/configure the following services:
 +  * DHCP server
 +  * DNS server (here our [[http://www.powerdns.com/content/home-powerdns.html|PowerDNS]] {{:pdns.sql.tar.bz2|configuration}})
 +  * NTP server
 +  * HTTP(S) server. (here our [[http://www.cherokee-project.com/|cherokee]] {{:cherokee.conf.tar.bz2|configuration}})
 +  * your interface may need theses additional addresses (hard-coded in firmware list by default):,
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