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 +====== Tool Description ======
 +This is a brief description of the tools contained within the below download
 +  * [[debug]]
 +    * shared library to hook dbg_trace
 +    * python script do disable limited trace option
 +    * simple udp listener to receive traces
 +  * [[voice-decoder|decrypt-traffic]]
 +    * script to decrypt ESP packets based on gathered [[ipsec_keys|key material]]
 +    * script to start wireshark with decrypted traffic
 +    * tool to convert RTP AMR stream into WAV files
 +    * script to automate complete process to dump voice and SMS data
 +  * gan
 +    * [[gan-gun]]
 +      * tool to send IMSI DETACH and LOC UPDATE payloads to GANC
 +      * tool to interact with GAN proxy to modify SMS and spoof SMS
 +    * [[gan-proxy]]: transparent GAN proxy to be used in combination with gan-gun or stand-alone
 +  * [[ipsec_keys|ipsec]]
 +    * libipsec to hook sendto() in order to grab ipsec key material
 +  * remote-root
 +    * wsal web server [[remote_root|remote root]] exploit
 +  * firmware
 +    * tool to download the latest images from the official recovery server: [[firmware-dl]]
 +    * tool chain to build custom firmware images: [[firmware-make]]
 +    * needs to be deployed via the [[recovery]] procedure: [[recovery_server]]
 +====== Download ======
 +Here you can download all the developed scripts/code. As this has been university research, please use these with caution, only for personal use and only with your own device!
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