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the web update process will be explained here


The current version displayed comes from ubiqfs/.version.

It is only possible to update once. The status is “Waiting for next initialization” Cleaning the database, or using systemA (reboot 3 times) does not solve the problem. Maybe provisioning helps.


to start the web update:

  • go to femtocell webpage /cust/technician_ui_status_sw_status.html
  • enter software version (format [VR].{5,})
  • enter server URL (except version folder)
  • select upgrade control Immediately
  • submit


the process is different then in the recovery. the flaw is not applyable using this method.


options on the software status web page:

  • Upgrade control: when to start the newly installed system
    • Immediatly: new system is started immediatly
    • PDQ: ???
    • LeastBusyHour: ???
    • NextInit: new system is started on next boot
  • Clear previous version: ???
  • Revert to backup version: start alternate system now

submitting only works if the status is No upgrade in progress. Other status (in which this will have no effect) are Downloading file, Waiting for next initialisation.

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